Message to Myself — Confined

Hasan Almossa
2 min readMar 31, 2024
Photo by Simeon Jacobson on Unsplash

Staring out the window pane
Feeling like I’m trapped again
In this world of noise and haste
Yearning for a bit of space

Caught up in the chaos, feeling lost
But I know there’s a way, no matter the cost

Going to get out of here
Escape the voices, find some cheer
In the corner of this crowded room
I’ll write a message to myself, to bloom

Society’s pressure, it weighs me down
In my solitude, I feel like I drown
But within these walls, I’ll find my voice
And make a stand, it’s my own choice

Through every word, every line
I’ll carve my path, make it mine

do you need all the things you want
I’ll take you back that’s where the rivers from

Going to get out of here
Escape the noise, find what’s clear
In the echoes of my own soul’s call
I’ll find the peace, rise above it all

Searching for love, the roots deep within
Reaching out, where do I begin?
Seeking solace, searching for light
In the darkest hour, I’ll take flight

Going to get out of here
Escape the doubts, leave behind fear
In the clarity of my newfound space
I’ll send a message to myself, embrace

So here’s to the journey, the highs and lows
Writing my story, as the wind blows
With each step forward, I find my way
Leaving behind what doesn’t serve, come what may.

In the midst of this cacophony
Where voices blend in disharmony
I seek an escape, a silent shore
Where the weight of society I’ll ignore

Amidst the chaos, I’ll carve my space
In the quiet corner, I’ll find my grace

Yearning to break free, from this confine
To a place where my soul can truly shine
In the echoes of freedom, I’ll make my stand
Crafting a message to myself, hand in hand

Through the clutter, I’ll find my voice
In the silence, I’ll make my choice

So here’s to the journey, uncertain yet bold
In the echoes of freedom, my story’s told
With each step forward, I’ll embrace the unknown



Hasan Almossa

Syrian - writer & Founder of Kids Paradise nonprofits - Author of I Was Born Twice : twitter x @hasanalmossa