One that you can’t see

In the depths of my despair

Hasan Almossa
1 min readMay 26


I am burdened, unaware

Of the weight that I bear

Like a prisoner in my own snare

There is a hook in me

Photo by abstractsunday

One that you can’t see

The hook, it digs deep within

A constant reminder of my thoughts

No escape, no way to win

In this battle I can’t begin

I’m held captive by my mind

A desolate landscape I can’t unwind

Like a barren tree, I’m confined

To the darkness that’s left behind

But even in this somber state

There’s a glimmer of hope, however late

For within me lies a dormant flame

Yearning to break free from this endless game

So I’ll fight against the chains that bind

Seek solace in the strength I find

In the depths of my soul, I’ll remind

Myself that I am not defined

By the hook that’s buried deep

Or the pain that makes me weep

I am more than what I seem

A survivor in this haunting dream.

Hasan Almossa



Hasan Almossa

Syrian - writer & Founder of Kids Paradise nonprofits - Author of I Was Born Twice : Instagram @hasanalmossa