Sun-Kissed — Beyond the Tiger Sky

Hasan Almossa
1 min readMay 15, 2024

Sunbeams pirouette dappled on the stone,
A melody of light, a life begun.
Tiger stripes above, a fading lullaby,
The world awakes, a brand new day to try.

But this tired tune, I’ve heard it all before,
Cafe walls whisper tales, adventures at the door.
This canvas needs a splash, a vibrant hue,
Southbound I’ll fly, where turquoise meets the blue.

Shedding stripes of routine, a metamorphosis bold,
Dipping brushes deep, in stories yet untold.
Dove white, the starting note, a blank and open score,
A song of self, waiting to explore.

The rhythm of the waves, a constant, rolling beat,
Seashells chiming secrets, at my dancing feet.
Palm trees sway in tempo, a wind-blown serenade,
Every breath a chorus, in this sun-kissed escapade.

No more tired tunes, I’ll write a brand new song,
Where turquoise meets the blue, adventures come along.
This canvas sings with passion, in every vibrant hue,
Southbound I’ve found myself, bathed in skies of endless blue.

Sun-kissed song, a melody of me,
Southbound song, forever wild and free.



Hasan Almossa

Syrian - writer & Founder of Kids Paradise nonprofits - Author of I Was Born Twice : twitter x @hasanalmossa