Yearning’s Reverie

Hasan Almossa
2 min readMar 28, 2024
Photo by Rostyslav Savchyn on Unsplash

Lost in the night, feeling low,
Where did you go, I need to know.
My heart is heavy, my love’s out of sight,
But I’ll keep holding on, with all my might.

Tell me now, don’t let me fall,
Whispers in the wind, I hear your call.
My heartache’s true, my skies are grey,
But I’ll keep believing, that you’ll find your way.

It’s alright, I’ll wait for you,
In the dark, in the light, in skies of blue.
Someday soon, we’ll be,
In each other’s arms,
Hearts light as feathers.

It’s alright, I’ll hold this space,
For you to return, to embrace.
Through the tears, through the pain,
I’ll keep singing, our love’s refrain.

It’s alright, I’ll keep the faith,
In the silence, in the wait.
Someday soon, our love will mend,
And in that moment, our journey will end.

It’s alright, I’ll keep the flame,
Burning bright, in your name.
Someday soon, our paths will align,
And in that moment, you’ll be mine.

You keep me here, a faded frame
Holds a smile that used to be our name
My heart is near, a bittersweet ache
For the love that slipped away, a whispered mistake

Your worn-out sweater, soft and thin
Holds the scent of where we’ve been
Sun-drenched days and whispered dreams
Tangled in its woolen seams

But it’s okay, like a shooting star
My wish takes flight, no matter how far
A brand new love, a distant light
Will guide me through the darkest night

The silence screams your name sometimes
But a melody starts playing, chiming its rhymes
A hesitant smile cracks my heart in two
Is this a memory fading, or a love brand new?

A friend says softly, “Let the past unwind
Open your heart, love is waiting to find
A home within, a place to bloom
There’s beauty waiting, chase away the gloom

And it’s okay, like a rising sun
My hope takes flight, the battle’s won
A brand new love, already begun
Will guide me through, ’til the setting of the one

It’s okay, someday, I know it’s true
Love will find me, and I’ll find you



Hasan Almossa

Syrian - writer & Founder of Kids Paradise nonprofits - Author of I Was Born Twice : twitter x @hasanalmossa